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I love when reality show people follow me. 

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World’s Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

Italian product manager and web designer Francesco Mugnai recently added a collection of images to his blog touting some of the most beautiful images of abandoned spots and modern ruins that he’d ever seen. The images Mugnai has captured come from empty castles, shuttered power plants, and dilapidated churches around the world. From a sunken yacht in Antarctica to a forever-closed amusement park in Japan, these images all make up a sort of anti-phoenix; rather than rising as new from the ashes, these husks remain preserved in decomposition, forcing viewers to confront the strange beauty of ruination.

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Take me here.

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Norwegian conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen explores a fascinating balance of human culture and nature with his outdoor installations of electric lamps, stacked books, chairs, and phones that appear to have gathered in small herds and swarms as if suddenly sentient. Each work is assembled and photographed on-site without any digital intervention in various rural locations around Norway.

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Crushes are fun. Or at least they’re supposed to be fun as long as you keep them that way. As long as you don’t get emotionally invested or fixated or keep imagining your reality to be what it is not – crushes are fun. But if you expect too much or feel too easily, you might end up with self-inflicted heart ache which just leaves you feeling empty-handed or just plain empty. And all of this for someone who never even promised you anything from the start.

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Pro-Gay religious counter-protesters at Atlanta Pride.



Christianity: doing it correctly

Real Christians are legitimately good people. 

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As a guy, I think the top one looks way better. Just sayin’.

yeah, guy here, top looks way better

You know what’s crazy?! That some women don’t wear makeup to impress men. Some women do it because they like it. When I wear 5 different colors on my eyes with bright ass pink lipstick I KNOW that shit ain’t cute. But you know why I do it? Because makeup is about having fun and being artistic. So if you don’t like my fabulously defined eyebrows I’m okay with that, I didn’t need your approval anyways. I just think some men really need to put their egos to the side and STOP thinking that everything women do is to impress you guys.

Yeah, because women wear high-heels because they’re SO comfortable, right?

No, women (at least me and my friends) wear heels because they’re fun to wear. Sure, they get uncomfortable, but we’re not wearing them for comfort, we’re wearing them to feel good and because we feel sexy in them.

And you’re probably gonna be like “but why do you want to look sexy? For men.”

But no. I like feeling sexy because it helps with MY confidence. It’s not about other guys, i’m already in a committed relationship, but I like feeling good about how I look. Also, even before my relationship I would wear sexy lacy underwear and bras, but NO ONE were seeing them, so why did I wear them? Certainly not because they’re comfortable. Because I feel great about myself when I’m wearing them.


Here’s my two cents for the beta males that have a problem with the high heel makeup wearing ladies. Don’t date them.

Go date a girl who doesn’t wear makeup or high heels.

Write to your favorite nudie magazine and ask for less airbrushed no makeup wearing models for you to wank to

Stop telling other women what to do with their bodies

And stop believing that any expression of a women’s self is directly meant to please your prick

^ BOOM!!

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